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LKAB is an international high-tech mining and mineral group that mines and processes unique iron ore for the global steel market. LKAB is one of Sweden's oldest and largest industrial companies.

Deep down in the mountain underneath Kiruna and Malmberget is the world's largest underground iron ore mine. This is where LKAB conducts its operations. More than a thousand metres underground, the mines continue to grow along the rich ore-veins that stretch underneath Kiruna and Malmberget. In order to be able to continue mining iron ore, the two cities must be moved to safety. This is the Urban Transformation, and is it a unique, long and complex move of two modern cities.

As a digital partner to LKAB we did concept and design for a new digital portal for the Urban Transformation, and also a new corporate website. At the same time we worked on digitalizing LKABs visual identity, for ex. by developing principles for their style of interaction and motion.
Agency — Osynlig
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